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TechVet Forums

Collaborative Technology Integration

TechVetTM is a streamline process designed to allow stakeholder public safety agencies within municipalities to quickly understand, integrate and procure new technologies. The Forums allow industry to present new and innovative technologies as they relate specifically to a predetermined set of requirements within the context of a predefined project or need. 
TechVet Forums provide an opportunity for inventors, innovators or industry to present to the proper stakeholders all at once in a structured environment, giving them an opportunity to showcase their technology and explain how it relates and integrates into the larger program. Stakeholders utilize structured feedback packages that are specifically tailor to each technology presented and how the technology relates to the project at hand. The feedback package also provides an easy rating system of how well the technology fits with the stakeholders need and/or requirement. Stakeholders provide feedback on each technology presented and are allowed to ask questions afterward.
TechVet forums are held periodically, as needed during the development of the pilot program. Typically 4-5 technologies are presented at any one TechVet Forum. Information is delivered in a very concise manner and each presentation/demonstration is limited to 12 minutes in an effort condense presentations, remove any superfluous information, and provide efficiency to the stakeholder audience. Feedback forms are gathered and reviewed by the project's technology team for suitability and ease of integration. 
If the vetted technology shows promise for further testing, the technology team works with the TechVet partner to integrate the technology into the project. This is accomplished through a series of testing and integration processes and demonstrations. Once the technology reaches a sufficient integration level within the workflow of the project, a functional exercise is held with the appropriate public safety municipal agency to further integrate and test the planned workflow. One or more functional exercises may be required to further refine the technology integration with the agency practitioners and ensure successful workflow integration. 
Working directly with the public safety agency through this iterative process provides enormous value to the industry partner, as it allows direct access to the practitioner that will use their product/technology as well as decision makers that will ultimately purchase and support the technology.  Once successfully integrated, the technology becomes part of the use case documentation of the pilot project and is promoted through GEOHuntsville, Blueprint for Safety and Exemplar City. 
At the completion of the TechVet process, the industry partner is afforded certain privileges as a TechVet Graduate and 
achieves status as Preferred Provider in the Exemplar City portfolio program.