Meeting Notes

Local Government/Public Agency Meeting

January 22, 2015 at 1 p.m.

Madison Fire & Rescue

Thanks to the Madison Fire Department for hosting the January meeting. If you were not able to attend, you missed some great presentations.

At the meeting, I mentioned the Operational Objectives for this year and distributed a document with a list of objectives. I have attached this document. Please look this over and if you feel that additions are necessary, edit the document and highlight your additions. Then send it back to me. 

A brief overview of the discussions…

1:00 – Charles Williams of the Madison Fire Department talked about the department’s use of GIS.

Charles mentioned GIS integration with their fire pre-planning software, “Firehouse”, and mobile applications used by their personnel; and several other interesting uses of GIS in his department.

1:30 – Martha Wells of Spatial Focus, LLC, presented… “Making your GIS work for your Enterprise: The Importance of Addresses”.

Martha is a wealth of knowledge in terms of the addressing industry. She discussed FDGC and NENA standards and the importance of standardized, accurate addressing.

2:00 – Break

2:30 – Mac Martin, Athens City Planner, talked about how GIS was instrumental to the creation of the Athens Land Use Plan.

Mac discussed the use of GIS in the creation of the Land Use Plan, along with other uses of GIS. For example, he showed the group several instances of how they used GIS to manage growth and get the most out of empty, unused space.

3:00 – Jacob Kohute lead a roundtable discussion about GIS use in utilities andDaniel Brooks talked about how KAYA Associates helps agencies with utility GIS.

Daniel showed the group several examples of features that his company inventories for federal agencies, such as military base assets. He said that they can apply the same practices to local government agencies and utilities. Jacob polled the group for members involved with utility agencies. We then discussed advantages/disadvantages of web-based and desktop GIS for utility agencies.

3:30 – Break

4:00 – John Tyler Hardin, graduate student at the University of North Alabama, discussed how the University partnered with Russellville High School to bring GIS education into the classroom.

John Tyler walked through the steps involved to make this project a reality. There were many lessons learned and the project became a big success. UNA will use the lessons learned to help faculty members of other high schools in the region initiate similar programs at their schools.

4:30 – Open discussion

I briefly mentioned the Operational Objectives for 2015 document and encouraged participants to add items to the list, if they felt it was necessary. I have attached this document.

4:45 – Adjourned

Those who attended the meeting include:

Brandon Wallace – Athens Limestone County 911

R.V. White – Athens Limestone County 911

Micah Cochran – City of Athens

Amy Kenum – City of Huntsville

Charles Williams – Madison Fire

Dana Keener – City of Huntsville

Rob Marchman – Aerial Services, Inc.

Sean Southern – Keet Consulting Services, LLC

Daniel Brooks – Kaya Associates, Inc.

Lori Beckhart – Cullman County Water Department

Kimberley Denney – Atlantic Group

Falguni Patel – NARCOG

Jacob Kohute – Decatur Utilities

Keith Conville – City of Madison

Jonathan Rosswog

Martha Wells – Spatial Focus, LLC

George Jones – ISC

Mac Martin – City of Athens

John Tyler Hardin – UNA

Michael Hughes – Franklin County

David Wright – Navigation Electronics, Inc.